Over the past summer, I started watching a bunch of The 8-bit Guy videos, and became particularly interested in his many restoration projects. I also started following a few more YouTubers who do a great job at showcasing electronics and repairs, such as My Mate Vince, RetroRepairs, and Odd Tinkering.

I’ve always been more of a software person myself, and although I was interested enough in hardware to write low-enough level code to make games and emulators, I’d never actually gotten into electronics. But after watching these YouTubers clean up old computers, replace worn out capacitors, and rewire controllers, I thought it looked really fun, and perhaps something I could do myself.

So the first thing I realized is that I didn’t have any good space in my home to do this kind of thing. After speaking to my wife about it - who, by the way, has an Electrical Engineering degree - she became as excited as I was at the prospect of building a cool hacker space for us to work in. Over the course of a couple of weeks, we cleared out our very messy garage, installed some really awesome LED workshop lights, bought a workbench, as well as some tools we were missing, and made a pretty awesome place for us to work:

Our Hacker Space

I’ve already completed a few projects, and will be blogging about them soon. One thing to keep in mind is that I am most certainly not an expert, so it’s likely that what I share on this blog isn’t necessarily the best or right way to do things. So along with my successes, I plan to share my mistakes, and what I learned from them, as these can be even more valuable. Anyway, just wanted to make that disclaimer. Stay tuned!